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Kate Sitka is a professional Animal Communicator and Spirit Medium.  This podcast is an extension of her blog,!

Joyful Telepathy includes interviews with interesting animals and their people, animal communication and spirit medium sessions, AND helpful episodes devoted to the developing psychic in you!

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Jul 29, 2014

What are you supposed to be doing with your life, anyway?  What’s your life plan?  Are you “on track”?  Does the very idea of going “off-track” inspire anxiety? 

In the early 1990s Sylvia Browne popularized the idea of life plans as “contracts” to be completed in your lifetime, but some people worry about...

Jul 21, 2014

One of the great perks of animal communication is getting these gems of wisdom from the animals who share our world!  Ghost dog pee, diet tips from pets to their humans, wild animal drama and more!  Discover the secret and fascinating world of telepathic communication in nature!

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and...

Jul 15, 2014

Thinking of expanding your animal family?  Here’s 8 ways Adult Rescue Dogs are better than Puppies from a Breeder!

And in case you missed the blog entry, here is How to Bathe a Tiny Dog!

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator located in...

Jul 8, 2014

Sorry folks.  I recorded a nice long podcast and I don’t know what happened… something went wrong in the recording process and I’m going to need time to figure it out.  I might be able to salvage it, but I might have to re-do it from scratch!  Horror!

Jul 1, 2014

Past Lives, karma and incarnations!  Can a human incarnate as an animal?  Has your pet ever been a human?  Could you be living another incarnation *right now*?  Kate gives you the tools to begin to explore your own past incarnations - and some tips on assumptions to avoid! 

The “Soul Bubbles” blog entry from...