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Kate Sitka is a professional Animal Communicator and Spirit Medium.  This podcast is an extension of her blog,!

Joyful Telepathy includes interviews with interesting animals and their people, animal communication and spirit medium sessions, AND helpful episodes devoted to the developing psychic in you!

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Oct 31, 2017

Isabella and Samba return to the podcast.


Connect with Isabella


Isabella Allard


Awaken to Brilliance podcast


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Kate Sitka is an Animal Communicator & Spirit Medium located in Tofino, BC



Sep 5, 2017

Recorded on Aug 31st, 2017


This episode is inspired by The Dear David Story shared on Storify from Adam Ellis.


Dear David on Storify


Adam Ellis is a storyteller, illustrator, and author.

Kate doesn’t fear for him

Kate shares why she thinks this is a ghost story, rather than a haunting.

Kudos to Adam for...

Aug 29, 2017

Kate shares an animal communication session with Karel and her three rescue birds.


Meet Karel’s three birds:

  • Sugar is a Cockatoo
  • Ruby is an African Grey Parrot
  • Hanna is a Green Cheeked Amazon


Karel writes the Peace with My Life blog


Ruby is an excellent communicator and gives Kate...

Aug 22, 2017

Kate continues her conversation with Isabella and Samba


Listen to Part 1 if you haven’t heard it!


More horses join the conversation!


Meet Omega and “Friend”


Samba would like humans to understand that we all affect each other energetically


Friend has many past lives being a war horse on the mainland of...

Aug 15, 2017

Kate is joined by Isabella Allard, host of the Awaken Your Brilliance podcast, and Samba the magnificent black Lusitano stallion.


Isabella’s mission is to empower people to activate their own innate brilliance and awaken to the brilliance of life itself.

Samba helps humans who are moving through a very dark place.