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Kate Sitka is a professional Animal Communicator and Spirit Medium.  This podcast is an extension of her blog,!

Joyful Telepathy includes interviews with interesting animals and their people, animal communication and spirit medium sessions, AND helpful episodes devoted to the developing psychic in you!

You can book a session with Kate on

May 7, 2018

Kate Sitka is a professional Animal Communicator and Spirit Medium.  

This podcast is an extension of her blog,!

You can book a session with Kate on


Wonderful friends!  I have launched my course:  Telepathic Communication with Animals and Spirit!

Whether you are a beginner to animal communication or spirit mediumship, Telepathic Communication with Animals & Spiritmakes the core of what I have covered with ALL of my past students more accessible to YOU!

​After *years* of working on my own teaching textbook, I was given the perfect opportunity to share everything with you in a far better way than I had imagined!

Enroll now and lock in your price!  The course is already expanding and alumni will be entitled to *all new course expansions* such as workbooks, additional lectures, and discounts on one-to-one mentoring sessions with Kate!

Telepathic Communication with Animals and Spirit will never be more affordable than it is *right now*!  

You can enroll today, right here!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us:


On to this episode's conversation!

Stephanie McColl is an animal communicator who has recently retired after nearly TWENTY YEARS of service!  

Stephanie shares her experience working as an animal communicator, as well as a teacher including:

  • her childhood experiences
  • her training to further her abilities
  • memorable animals who deeply affected her
  • communicating with wildlife
  • the techniques she uses to establish a telepathic connection with animals
  • coping with sadness in the animal world
  • what surprised her about working as an animal communicator
  • her joyful retirement!

We know you'll love this conversation!


You can find Stephanie McColl's website here:

And you can friend her on facebook here.

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